Satan the Accuser

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Demon Tracker

My last post was a quick synopsis of this website's origins, as well as a quick introduction to me, Herukhuti of Shiro. At this point I'll drop the unnecessary formalities and continue the story with the following quote about the Agents of Behemoth:

"They are called the patrons of greed because greed thrives in the minds of vultures & corporate parasites who want to possess that which they should not have, who want dominance over the Meek no matter what, hoarding resources so the Meek can't access them when in need. That makes their greed a liability to the rest of us."

Admittedly, the patrons of greed were previously much more difficult to detect. Incorrigible, unrepentant sinners with money are a dime-a-dozen, but not all of them are greedy. Greed requires deep feelings of alienation and disconnection from the whole of humanity, because the crimes of the greedy are ususally much larger in scope and can affect large numbers of people.

Corporate persons are legendary for both their callous indifference to the public's health and welfare, and their penchant for duplicity that leads to many broken promises, bold-faced lies and hideous betrayals. The feeding frenzy that erupted among select corporate persons after the PPP relief loans were made available is a good example of their unbridled avarice and naked greed.

Last month we turned our attention to the big polluters, the corporate parasites that poison everything they come across and lie about the pollution and devastation in their wake. It is no surprise that the number of sighting for Agents of Behemoth skyrocketed almost overnight.

I'll be back with more information Monday. Have a blessed weekend.

Herukhuti of Shiro