Satan the Accuser

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Demon Tracker

Just a quick note: this blog will be moving very soon. The tracker stays in place, but I'll find another place to blog. There's so much going on around here that even I'm getting confused.

As I wrote last time, "Last month we turned our attention to the big polluters, the corporate parasites that poison everything they come across and lie about the pollution and devastation in their wake. It is no surprise that the number of sighting for Agents of Behemoth skyrocketed almost overnight." That trend will continue.

Anywhere one finds an instance of oil spills or illegal dumping by a corporation one will find Behemoth. It's typical of any organization that loves to feed on subsidies but refuses to clean up its messes without the threat of legal action. Chemical companies and the manufacturers of petroleum products are usually at the top of the list.

In the meantime we'll be going back through our files to find which corporations helped finance disinformation about the election. While Agents of Behemoth were behind the money, Minions of Belial spread disinformation and discord. It's what they do. Additionally, wherever one finds troublemakers who won't leave people in peace, that is where one will find Belial.

Currently the Denizens of Zophos are by far more prolific than either Behemoth or Belial. The violators of children can be found in every sector of society, in almost every profession and have more ways to get at innocent children now than ever before. As a result, crimes against children have risen across the world with no end in sight. The coronavirus only serves to make things worse. Kids are more isolated now than they before the pandemic, which makes them sitting ducks for their abusers.

That's all for now. I'll be back with more soon.

Herukhuti of Shiro